Connie designs presentations for all her workshops!

Bite Size Pieces offers a range of interactive and informative workshops for small and large groups, including:

Corporate Business  & Personal Consultation includes…

How to Reduce Corporate Sick Days, Obesity Related Illnesses and How to Heal from  Depression. We provide health consultations to a range of small and large businesses.

Research shows businesses are more profitable with wellness programs and services from health coaching.








School Programs

•Primary and High School Children- Healthy Food & Mood Classes, includes Sugar Blues


Wellness Centers & Day Spas

•Wellness Centers- Mind & Body Health

•Day Spas- Skin Health & Anti-aging Classes

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Holistic Nutritional Consultations…

Connie Rogers provides holistic and whole foods consultations tailored to the individual’s specific needs. Connie has the expertise in investigating and tuning into the underlying causes of weight gain and metabolic problems. Consultation can help you help your family in the following areas.


•Childhood and Adolescent Obesity Issues

•Prevent Diabetes and Alzheimer’s

*Trash Toxic Exposures

*Skin Health from Within

•Food Addictions & Allergies

•Weight Loss Solutions

•Digestive Issues

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 Busy Moms & Kitchen Wisdom…

Kitchen Wisdom



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