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Health Coaching in Action. When YOU make the choice to do what it takes to Stay Healthy, you are sending your body a powerful message that you care & you deserve the best. Self Care is Health Care.

Where Does Your Support Come From?

Adapted from source below. “Breast support comes from the suspensory (Cooper’s) ligaments and connective tissues that pull inward from the inside of the skin of the breast. There is some

How Do You Spell Prevention?

Today we suffer from more cancers, heart disease, obesity and depression issues, not less, yet we know more. Corporations promote and market misinformation daily- saying things are healthy when they

Microbiome Disruption

Some things we do can snowball into other issues. For example: In many situations involving environmental chemicals, toxins and processed foods, endocrine disruption is the result. Read more below.  

Lose Weight While Sleeping

Have you every heard you can lose weight when you sleep. Fat chance, right? The real truth is that the body is always working when we sleep. In fact, sleep is

BOOK For Your Optimal Wellness

PATH TO A HEALTHY MIND & BODY has 33 (5) STAR REVIEWS! "We are always working to create harmony within the mind & body. Wow ! Path to a Healthy Mind & Body, authored by my good dear friend Connie Rogers is a great read. The past cannot be changed but when I experienced my own life and death health crisis back in the 80s this book would have saved me time and my recovery would have been a lot more quicker. Connie left no stone unturned as she expertly points out the cause and effects of disease and how to make corrections using nature and other holistic protocols for making the appropriate corrections. I am so impressed with the valuable wellness content of “Path to a Healthy Mind & Body “ that each coffee table of my Garden Villa Phuket Thai Residence located on the resort island of Phuket Thailand will have this book as a must read for my guest clients to absorb this essential information. And to help them with their own journey to personal health and happiness as well. Thank You Connie for writing such a great guide to health that covers everything. Holistic Chef Barry Anderson

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Explosive... Enlightening... Educational... Join others who have taken that first bite size step toward their own health and wellness!

Bite Size Pieces

My philosophy is eat real, be real, love more, stress less, and make time for your personal health and wellness.


REDUCE YOUR RISK for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression and autoimmune disorders by REDUCING toxicities. It’s time to re-introduce self-care back into our lives. Holistic, Integrative, Nutritional and Natural Therapies are our future.

What’s in Your Treats?
What’s in Your Treats?

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Path to a Healthy Mind & Body
Path to a Healthy Mind & Body

Path to a Healthy Mind & Body by Connie Rogers Brain health is body health. Part of moving beyond the failing paradigm of the mind as separate from the body

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