How Do You Spell Prevention?
How Do You Spell Prevention?

Today we suffer from more cancers, heart disease, obesity and depression issues, not less, yet we know more.

Corporations promote and market misinformation daily saying things are healthy when they clearly are not.

For instance:

bottled and boxed Oj is good for breakfast,

there is all the protein you need in Cheerios,

milk is good for your bones,

BPA-Free is safe and so are GMO’s.

GMO’s have nothing to do with feeding the world’s hungry and everything to do with confusing us into purchasing things like corn, red meat, milk, cheese, and bell peppers without question. GMO corporations control the world’s food supply for private profit. These are just a few samples of myths that are keeping us sick, tired, fat and depressed.

Awareness & Well-power equals prevention.

Sadly, of the $4 trillion spent on healthcare in the U.S. this year, only 2% goes towards prevention,” says United States Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH).



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