Essential Oils/Medicine Cabinet Makeover
Essential Oils/Medicine Cabinet Makeover

I’ve been using essential oils in my spa business for over 40 years now. I  have my private label called Reverseage Wellness Organic Essential Oils for over 18 years.

Reverseage comes from the words reverse-aging. To be truly effective, essential oils must be absolutely pure, unadulterated, uncut, organic or wildcrafted.

Synthetic, perfume or cut oils, although less expensive, will not give you the benefits you desire and may even cause adverse health effects. Oils that are used to cut essential oils and create toxic scents are usually vitamin E oil and grape seed oil. Grape seed oil has the shortest shelf life, can have high levels of  omega 6, which increase inflammation, and unless organic, can be a GMO processed oil. Vitamin E oil is usually derived from GMO soy. Do not use these inside your essential oils.

Be a conscious consumer! Some health store don’t always sell quality essential oils. A way to test the oils- use gas chromatography, and read their labels carefully. Note: If they smell like perfume or spoiled-they are!

What can YOU use essential oils for?

Lavender: considered for: burns, cuts, wounds, bruises, relaxing, circulation, meditative, viral infections.

Lemon: consider for: cleanser, antiseptic, sore throat, mosquito’s, digestive problems, mucus, fever, diffusing.

Pine: considered for:  antiseptic, bactericidal, decongestant, strengthening, stabilizing.

Angelica Seed: considered for: anorexia, moods, arthritis, sour stomach, muscles and joints aches, accumulations of toxins.

Basil: considered for: fatigue, general nerve tonic, anti-depressant, soporific, gout, confusion, melancholy, mental clarity and concentration, reduces anxiety.

Bay Leaf: considered for: circulation problems, muscular pain, sedative, hypotensive.

Bergamot: considered for: sedative for anxiety, antidepressant, infection, psoriasis, fevers, thrush, urinary tract infections.

Roman Chamomile: considered for: calming, hyperactivity, good for use with children, and urinary stones.

Clary Sage: considered for:  insomnia, paranoia, panic, and hysteria.

Cypress: considered for: anxiety, confusion, cellulite, varicose veins, water retention, relaxing for nerves.

Helichrysum: considered for: grounding, increases dream activity, circulatory function, stress, nerves,and skin health.

Juniper: considered for: apathy, paranoia, confusion, anxiety, nervous trembling and diuretic.

Marjoram: considered for: grief, insomnia, eases headache, hyperactivity, hysteria, relieves painful periods.

Spikenard: considered for: grounding.

Frankincense : considered for: stress, heart, skin health, deodorant, anti-microbial, brain health.

Order these Organic Essential Oils for your day spa or medicine cabinet makeover! Pure, uncut, and therapeutic! All sizes are 15ml.

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Disclaimer: Under no circumstances do essential oils replace your doctor. We do not treat or cure any disease.

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