How To Avoid Overeating During The Holidays
How To Avoid Overeating During The Holidays

1- I have a friend that drinks a case of beer before he eats. He claims it keeps him from drinking with his meal, which is bad for his digestion. This is nothing more than twisted stinking thinking.
Try to avoid drinking your holiday meal. An abundance of alcohol causes us to eat and crave high-calorie foods. Cravings are a critical component in uncontrollable overeating patterns.

2- A highly refined carbohydrate and sugar diet contribute to
overeating by altering our mind and taste buds, decreasing good gut
microbiome. What to do? Eat plants first. Vegetables reduce cravings and the high fiber content keep us fuller longer!

3- Take time to pre-hydrate the stomach before you eat. You can do this by drinking a glass of pure, clean filtered water 20 minutes before you eat any food. You will eat less.

4- Don’t starve yourself before a big meal with family and friends.
Instead, feed your brain with healthy fats and nutrient-dense foods
when you wake in the morning. Then, at your party, you will be able
to take control, eat less, and enjoy it more.

5- How much we eat during a meal, is often made subconsciously.
For instance, the size of our plate can be influential in how much
food we place on our plate. What to do? Eat off smaller plates.

6- A food claiming to be “low fat” does not mean it’s healthier.
Chemical alterations of food can disrupt our reasoning power,
making us willing to consume more of it. What to do? Enjoy
good fats such as organic raw almonds and avocados. It’s good fats that keep us satiated.

7- Eat foods that love you back. Avoid foods with additives and
preservatives that cause you to eat more. Poor ingredients are usually found in prepackaged foods from the grocery store. Whole foods from Mother Nature’s Table are the necessary elements surrounding thoughts, moods, energy reserves, sustainable weight, and more. Surround yourself with healthy people that choose living, colorful foods and positive expressions.

8- Sleep depravation confuses hunger cues and causes us to eat more. Lack of sleep decreases leptin, our stop button hormone, and increases ghrelin, our hungry hormone.
What to do? Instead of late night parties, make time for rest.

9- Diet drinks have a counterintuitive effect. Artificial sweeteners
alter cognitive function that leads to overconsumption of food. What to do? Drink more water instead.

10- Slow down fast and furious eating habits, and chew your food so it can be adequately absorbed. You will eat less.
Remember balance is key. When cooking and eating (including
eating at restaurants) share the spirit of love and joy in your heart this holiday season.

Connie Rogers Certified Integrative Holistic Health Coach, Brain Health Coach, Published Author, Organic Chef, and Owner of

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