Sarcoidosis…It’s Time For A Gut Check


It’s time for a gut check

Sarcoidosis is about abnormal gut microbiota, according to researchers at Wayne State University School of Medicine. This is because the lung is an organ constantly exposed to microbiota. In the last decade,we’ve increased our understanding of how the lung and microbiota interact and co-exist. This revolution stems from new knowledge that the lung is not sterile and in fact, harbors an abundance of diverse interacting microbiota.

Facts are– chronic lung disease is commonly associated with gastroesophageal reflux. Why? Because there’s a vital cross-talk between the gut and lung mucosa and the microbial communities within.

Sarcoidosis, influences your risk for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Studies point to the lungs as a site of autoimmunity generation in RA, in response to microbiota changes. Chronic respiratory disease is a risk factor for RA.

The Gut/Lung Axis. The microbiota is now considered key to the proper development, maturation, and reactivity of the immune system. The composition of “healthy,” gut microbiota is shown to have a serious influence on the effectiveness of lung immunity. This means choosing foods from Mother Nature’s Table are needed for a productive immunological response in the lung.

In summary, the body has an innate ability to heal itself.  Patients with sarcoidosis revealed changes in the energy production, homocysteine, and amino acid metabolism, with changes made to the gut microbiota. What if you do nothing? Cardiac sarcoidosis can manifest itself as congestive heart failure. Cardiac involvement in sarcoidosis is a risk factor for sudden death.

There are several organs involved with sarcoidosis. These include lymph nodes, skin, lungs, central nervous system, and eyes. What can we do right now?  Change the way we eat and what we eat, avoid sugar and alcohol, work through stress, exercise daily, and avoid a toxic environment. Studies reported an association with high fiber plant based diet and a reduced risk of lung disorders and improved immune system.

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