Review Path to a Healthy Mind & Body
Review Path to a Healthy Mind & Body

Path to a Healthy Mind & Body by Connie Rogers

Brain health is body health. Part of moving beyond the failing paradigm of the mind as separate from the body is understanding that we can influence our brain health, our thoughts, and even our beliefs by healing the body first.

This process looks like speaking to the body in a language that it understands. Whole Foods from Mother Nature’s Table, and less exposures to environmental toxins.

The body does not understand modern chemicals, processed foods, and industrial pollutants. It also doesn’t understand chronic stress, poor sleep habits, hormonal disruption, and the synthetic revolution.

Nutrition and Mental Health go hand in hand. Disease tells a story, not just about our cells and a diagnosis, but of ourselves and our lives. It is becoming increasingly clear that the Mind/Body Connection is critically important in a holistic and integrative practice of medicine.

This book is for you if you’re concerned about:

The chemicals in your food and in your work or home environment.

Deceptive food labeling, unsafe medications, and fraudulent marketing.

Depression, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other food related diseases.

Brain fog, Alzheimer’s, and dementia.

Eliminating your barriers that prevent health such as, emotional stress, nutritional stress and a depressed, sedentary lifestyle.


Connie Rogers is a Mind/Body Coach. Spreading Awareness in order for you to have more energy, less inflammation and less stress, one story at a time. She is passionate about and teaches how to have the healthiest life possible, leaving the toxins behind.

Path to a Healthy Mind & Body is available on

The road less traveled on youtube.

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