Does Food Obsession Dominate your Life?

“The term food addiction implies there is a biogenetic, physiological, biochemical condition of the body that creates cravings for refined foods such as: carbohydrates, fats, and salt.” (explains Kay Sheppard author of Food Addiction: The Body Knows.) “Food addiction involves the compulsive pursuit of a mood change by engaging repeatedly in episodes of eating- despite adverse consequences.”

Food addiction is a cluster of chemical dependencies that leads to a loss of control over food, can wreak havoc in your mind and body, destroy your immune system and increase inflammation. Trying to fix the PAIN with the same substances that caused it in the first place, is mute.  In many respects, the behavior of food addicts are similar to those who abuse drugs and alcohol, which makes it that much more dangerous, especially if left untreated. Why?  Because it’s completely accepted. What do I mean accepted?  For instance, you’re out with a friend eating fried onion rings, pizza and a coke, your friend is not going to tell you to put them down.

Many of us joke that we’re “addicted” to certain foods, but for true food addicts, this is a daily reality. The brain and body of a food addict reacts differently to ADDICTIVE FOODS, such as MSG in those chips or chemicals in processed meats and hot dogs or sugar in that donut.  I call it toxic taste-bud syndrome!

To recover you can begin down a new path with the help of a certified health coach. The first bite size step is- self love and fear-less. With emotional balance we no longer crave toxic food choices.

Just another example of the gut/ brain axis.

Only you can  stop replacing feelings with food…..

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Connie Rogers is a Certified Integrative Nutritional Health Coach and Published Author. You can purchase her book on Amazon- Path to a Healthy Mind & Body


When food alters genes:

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