Here's to Your Health!


Do you suffer with stubborn belly fat, lack of focus or  motivation, brain fog, insomnia, depression, obesity, and food cravings?



The good news is-broken connections are preventable and reversible when you know what to do.



Your Metabolism is where hormones, immunity, gut microbiome and nutrition work side by side.



Some lessons covered in my 21 Steps to Metabolic Wellness include:



1- Interconnections in Gut & Brain Health.


2- Decrease Inflammation.


3-Lose Weight with ease. Learn how to break through barriers that prevent health. These barriers encourage the body to store fat.


4- Address cravings and depression. Discover what your body needs and create balance!


5- Balance Hormones. Hormones are designed to work in harmony.


6- Gain more energy with a few small changes.



7- Reduce Stress. Gastrointestinal Stress, emotional stress, oxidative stress, food stress, and premature aging make cells less responsive.


8- Feed the body & mind. Research studies say nutrition can change genes. (DNA)



9- Address Oral Health.



10- Learn ways to decrease toxins. Every cell eliminates!



11- Find peace in self-care.


12- Learn the interconnections with skin health and metabolic health.


13- Clean the air you breathe.




Understand the pathways through which these factors interplay with each other!





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Balance Weight & Hormones, and Increase Energy.

Enjoy your Life and Thrive while avoiding pain and inflammation....


I have created a 21 step-by-step program to help you balance your own blood sugar with food, get rid of stubborn belly fat, lose unwanted weight, skyrocket your energy, ditch depression and help you achieve health and vitality. 





Connie Rogers is a Certified Integrative Nutritional Holistic Health Coach, Published Author, and Brain Health Coach. Expert in Toxins that can disrupt Your Metabolic, Endocrine and Skin Health. Owner of and


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